Our Services

Project Development

Continental Fairways is to provide our clients a complete and wholly accountable golf course solutions in order to pre-planning , project build-out and long term management for prospective golf course development as well as re-development of existing courses. We provide the experience, resources, and dedicated effort that is necessary to build and manage profitable and sustainable golf course facilities.

We help to provide accurate and timely cost estimates for new golf course construction, renovation and features work to our clients get the most out of their construction budgets.


The basic work to build a golf course begins with the forceful movement of heavy construction equipment, tools and tackles as it should be matched with the size of the task. Vegetation, Trees must be moved and removed Lakes and ponds must be carved from the different ground conditions. Continental Fairways has trained operators making use of the most modern equipment and engineering skills to work with accurate specifications in different construction challenges. We are professional construction specialists who believe in doing the job right with the proper skills, equipment and know-how as per the design.


Continental Fairways has renovated many golf courses in India of International standard. We own fleet of golf course construction equipment required to build and renovate golf courses in different soil conditions and environment. Architects recognize our commitment and frequently recommend our services.